The Association of Friends of the „Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri“ (Giardino) in Seggiano (Grosseto, Italy), is a non-profit-making institution. It is located in Solothurn (Switzerland).
  Aims of the society  

- maintenance of Daniel Spoerri´s foundation and support of new installations if Daniel Spoerri as artistic director decides so
- maintenance of the sculpture garden
- organization of cultural events and activities (such as exhibitions in the “villa” of the “Giardino”)
- scholarships at the “Giardino”

The financial means for obtaining these aims come from members´ fees.

Members subscription are 100€ each year, resp. 340€.
Because of these low subscriptions members are kindly asked to join the association for a minimum of 3 years. A donation of 22.500€ or more (e.g. for the promotion of a scholarship or to enable the foundation to realize a new installation) you achieve a life-long membership.


installing the „Visitor“"
installation of Alfonso Hüppi´s „Pissing woman“"


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Charles Gyger
Tel : 0041 41 4202655
E- mail:

Barbara Räderscheidt (contacts abroad)