The latin motto „Hic Terminus Haeret“ that is fastened above the entrance to the “Giardino” could be read as “the end sticks here”, but “terminus” should rather be translated as “frontier” or “transition”. It is most probable that Daniel Spoerri did not mean to put an end to his creative work building up his park. His fascination for a maxim that he once came about at the castle of Oiron rather refers to the word “haeret” which is related to the word “adhaerere” and means: to stick and surely reminded him of glue and paste.

  The foundation  

2) The foundation "Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri - Hic Terminus Haeret" has been established in 1997. Its attractive force has ever since convinced other artists to tribute to the garden and give a work of their own (or even several works as is the case with Eva Aeppli!) as a present. Meanwhile there are works of around 40 artists in the “Giardino”. Altogether with Daniel Spoerri´s own bronzes the visitor now faces 79 installations. To see all of them it takes about three hours or more for a nice walk.

1997 - - the foundation is being established
walk through the „Giardino“
press - conference


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3) Tasks of the foundation
Besides maintaining the park and presenting it to the public, the foundation has set itself further aims. It is an educational institution and thus is interested in research. The “Giardino” hosts a library with lots of interesting volumes on artists´ gardens, Art brut, the “Nouveaux Realistes” to name only a few subjects. The Villa of the Giardino can (and should) be used as a venue for conferences.
The foundation is also interested in hosting scholarship holders who do not necessarily have to be artists since Daniel Spoerri´s concept is wide ranging and there are many possible links and references.
Up to now the foundation has hosted 10 scholarship holders (who were supported by other foundations or private sponsors) for 2 or 3 months.

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Barbara Räderscheidt