Daniel Spoerri must not be reduced to his „snare pictures“. This is evident through the great variety in the artist’s works after 1961 and his activities and inventions such as „Eat Art“, the events with his students at art academies etc.
It may come as a surprise though that the “Schmuckmusem Pforzheim” is presenting an exhibition with jewellery by Daniel Spoerri (“Speckner / Spoerri” – until April 27th, 2014; nice little catalogue).

A new project called “Orcus porcus” is being developed. Daniel Spoerri has suggested an artistic intervention for a lot close-by to the “Giardino”.

On Easter Monday (“Pasquetta”) three new installations will be inaugurated: a bronze Buddha in a tree by Daniel Spoerri, an iron sculpture by Jean Maria Odermatt and a fish standing on one leg (bronze) by Aldo Mondini.

In the Austrian village Hadersdorf the season starts with an exhibition with works by Gottfried, Martel and Suse Wiegand (“Mit dabei – 3 x Wiegand and Spoerri). The following exhibition will start on June, 29th and will present new works by Daniel Spoerri among which will be the series of assemblages on wash boards. Furthermore some recently made “snare pictures” – relics from a banquet at the “Mudima” gallery in Milan will be shown.

New textile poetic collages by Daniel Spoerri appear like a missing link between the palindromic inventions by Spoerri’s friend André Thomkins and the works by Martel Wiegand.


Daniel Spoerri
        Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri  
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Daniel Spoerri, born March 27, 1930 became known as an artist, mainly through his so-called „ snare pictures“ (1960s). However, his career started in the 1950s as a dancer in Bern. Later he made a name for himself as a restaurant manager (1970s) and as the founder of Eat Art ( Eat Art Galerie in Düsseldorf and several banquets).

In the 1990s he created an extensive sculpture park, an Italian foundation since 1997.

In 2009 the "Kunststaulager Spoerri" was opened in Hadersdorf am Kamp (Austria). For more information:

The list of his exhibitions in recent years reflects the artist’s continual development and the unabated interest in Daniel Spoerri’s work.