Daniel Spoerri
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Reconstruction of Jean Tinguely’s object
(accomplished by Josef Imhoff)
Edition „MAT“, Multiples

(1959 Move to Paris, Hotel Carcassone).
Spoerri pursues a new project : The Edition “MAT”. It was Spoerri’s goal to produce objects by different artists in series as cheaply as possible. Contributing artists were Agam, Albers, Pol Bury, Marcel Duchamp, Heinz Mack, Dieter Roth, J.R. Soto, Tinguely, Vasarely. In this project it was not a matter of making reproductions in the usual sense, but instead, of making multiplied originals, mainly kinetic objects. The idea was considered more important than the personal signature of the artist.
The first exhibition of “Edition MAT” took place Nov. 27 – Dec. 19, 1959 in the Galerie Edouard Loeb in the Rue de Rennes in Paris.