Daniel Spoerri
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Magie à la noix, 1967
  1966- 67
«Magie à la noix»

«Magie à la noix» means something like “mumbo-jumbo”; the title refers to the alleged fetish character of the objects. They were created on the Greek island Symi, where Daniel Spoerri retreated to for a year after feeling that as an artist he was being defined to closely with his > snare-pictures.
The barrenness and the poverty of the island made the gluing of tableware to a surface seem inappropriate, even impossible. There was hardly any trash. Everything stayed in use as long as possible. Spoerri concentrated on the simplest found objects and produced a series of compact, relatively small fetish-like objects. Today the whole series is located at the Museum Schloss Morsbroich in Leverkusen