Daniel Spoerri
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Eat Art Galerie

„Restaurant Spoerri“ that opened on June 18, 1968 was very popular.
Aside from the unusual food, the art concept of the locality was convincing. For example, >„Fallenbilder“ (Snare pictures) were made to order, this means, the table at which one had eaten, could be fixed and mounted on request and bought as a work of art. Since Daniel Spoerri was still concerning himself with Eat Art, it was just logical to add an „Eat Art“ gallery to the restaurant. It was opened on September 18, 1970 in the space above the restaurant.
Eat Art objects of well-known artists were exhibited. Among them: Joseph Beuys, Richard Lindner, Bernhard Luginbühl, Karl Gerstner, André Thomkins, César, Roy Lichtenstein, Ugo Dossi