Daniel Spoerri
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Dejeuner sous l'herbe (Funeral of the snare picture)
  since 1970

Up to the present time the planning and execution of large banquets is still part of Spoerri’s Eat Art concept. Here only a couple of examples:
L’Ultima Cena (Nov. 19, 1970) on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Nouveau Réalisme with dishes that related to works by the Nouveaux Réalistes (for example, crustaceans captured in aspic, as an allusion to Arman’s accumulations).

Küche der Armen der Welt (Kitchen of the World’s Poor) (June 4, 1972) different, very simple, nutritious dishes (e.g. mashed peas with bacon, potatoes and dried cod)
Hommage à Karl Marx (Apr. 14, 1978). The name of the director of the Kölner Werkschulen (Art school in Cologne) was really Karl Marx. In his honor, Spoerri organized a dinner with students from the art school, where only guests were invited with a prominent name: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Richard Wagner, Franz Schubert etc. – the dishes served had names like Bismarck hering, Mozartkugeln etc.
L’Attrappe-Tripes. Eat Art Festival in Chalon sur Saone
(March 4 - 22, 1980)
Astro-Gastro-Dinner (July 22,1983) on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Akademie der Künste, Munich.
Le Diner Travesti (Aug.18, 1988, Graz); later in similar form designated as Palindromic Dinner (among others on the occasion of the Fluxus Exhibition of the Schnepel Collection at the Museum Neue Weserburg, Bremen or in 2002 at the Jeu de Paume, Paris) a dinner that seems to run backwards: Visually, it starts with the coffee course, which is actually a consommé, that is served in coffee cups, etc.