Daniel Spoerri
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Bread Dough Object;1972
Bread Dough Objects

Also connected to >Eat Art are Spoerris “Bread Dough Objects”. For the first time objects were created from bread dough as “Catalogue Tabou” on the occasion of the exhibition “L’épicerie /Krämerladen ” (Grocery Shop),
Sept.9-Oct..28, 1961 in the Gallery Addi Koepcke, Copenhagen. As a catalog Spoerri had garbage baked into bread, which seems to be considered a greater overstepping of taboos than when bread ends up in the garbage.
In the exhibition, food was supplied with the rubber stamp «Attention Oeuvre d’art Daniel Spoerri» and sold by the gallery owner.
Later Spoerri filled different objects with dough, which during baking oozed out of objects and was then fixed and mounted.
Some bread dough objects were also cast in bronze and patinated in such a way that they are hard to distinguish from the “original”.