Daniel Spoerri
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„Motorradtod“, big Prillwitz sculpturer; 2006
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  2006 - 2008
„Prillwitzer Idole“

In the 1970ies, searching for interesting historical details about the city of Cologne, Daniel Spoerri had found an old book about supposed religious figures of an old slavic tribe – the so-called „Obotriten“. The illustrations in that book stroke him because to him they seemed like works of the art-brut.
Much later it emerged that Spoerri had been right. The somewhat awkward figures turned out to be fake figures the creators of which pretended to have found them under a tree in their orchard in Prillwitz. Anyway they inspired the artist tand he created a new series of huge bronze sculptures that he called „Prillwitz idols“

There are about 30 big bronze figures and several little ones, the „Prillwitzchen“. Each of those bronze sculptures run at an edition of 8 (+4 ea). They are but „originals in series“ since they are not alike. The artist creates each figure with new elements and slight changes, using cast pieces that usually are to be cut off and thrown away.

There are also small collages that belong to the „Prillwitz series“, the background of which are reproductions from the book mentioned above.

A second series of collages on the same reproductions is called: „easily made“.