Daniel Spoerri
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Collection de Heröpfelschälerli 1963-79
  Since 1961

The development (transformation or evolution) of an object was more important to him than the collection of similar objects, Spoerri once stated. The first collection of variants of an object is the «Optique moderne», a collection of different eyeglasses (these eyeglasses were recorded photographically – while being worn by Daniel Spoerri - in the book «L’Optique moderne. Collection de lunettes présenté par D.S. avec en Regard d’Inutiles Notules par François Dufrêne», Edition Fluxus no. B, Fluxus Wiesbaden, 1963).
The «Collection de Heröpfelschälerli» includes over a hundred different potato peelers (so-called economy peelers). Spoerri’s fascination for kitchen utensils was also reflected in the exhibition «723 utensils de cuisine» in the Galerie J, Paris, 1963, or in his „Fleischwolfbrunnen“ (Meat-grinder fountain), referred to today as “Der Tröpfler”, an assemblage of approx. 120 different meat-grinders and other grinders cast in bronze. (One copy of this fountain is in the > Giardino, and yet another since September 2004 in Bremen’s city center.
Further collections:: „Bretonische Hausapotheke“ (The Breton Medicine Cabinet, a collection of 117 bottles of healing water samples from Breton mineral springs); «Collection d’épices» (Moderna Museet, Stockholm).