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Daniel Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri launched his career as an artist in 1960, when he signed the »New Realism« manifesto in Paris, thus becoming one of the founders of this art movement. At the time, he was a ballet dancer, who had also worked as an assistant director. Since then he has become famous as an artist for his »snare pictures« (»Tableaux piège«), in which he fixes the remains of everyday situations, such as a meal, a work table or a flea-market stand in a vertical tableau. In doing so, the artist catches a piece of reality like he would catch a mouse in a trap (»piège«).

However, Spoerri has created many more works of art aside from these so-called »snare-pictures«. For example in response to these, he wrote a book that functions as the literary manifestation of the attempt to secure a terrain by fixing everyday objects, called »An Anecdoted Topography of Chance«

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Eat Art

In addition, Spoerri made a name for himself through a range of very diverse art events and projects. Since 1978, as professor and teacher, he has realized a variety of exhibitions and banquets. When he opened the »Restaurant Spoerri« as well as the »Eat Art Galerie« in Düsseldorf in 1968, he established himself as the founder of the Eat Art movement. For Spoerri in Eat Art, the act of eating and drinking becomes an integral part of the cycle of life. His art covers found objects and process art, because for him the fixed moment in time is only one aspect of the entire cycle encompassing life and death, decay and reincarnation. One central theme in Spoerri’s work is the questioning of (eating) habits. By alienating types of food, he questions long-established sensory perceptions and traditions or at least puts them in a state of disarray. This is also an important element of Spoerri’s Eat Art banquets.

Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri

Since Spoerri opened his artist’s garden »Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri« in Tuscany in 1978, he has recreated his assemblages more and more as bronze sculptures. It is a specific characteristic of Spoerri’s work procedure to not only exhibit his own work, but also the works of artist friends. Over 100 installations by 55 artists can be experienced by strolling over the 35 acre area between Easter and October. The »Giardino« prides itself in attracting an encouraging number of visitors and receiving enthusiastic responses.

Activiities in Austria

Since 2007, Daniel Spoerri has rediscovered Vienna, where he had previously held a guest professorship. In 2008 he created a non-profit foundation by contributing two properties in Hadersdorf am Kamp, close to Krems an der Donau (Lower Austria), which are used as event and exhibition locations (an eatery and an exhibition hall).

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