Daniel Spoerri and his garden Garten in Tuscany/ Italy

The Artists in the Giardino

When Daniel Spoerri began to set out his own sculptures in his Tuscan garden, it never occurred to him that he might create a park that was open to the public; at first, he simply wanted to see his own works »in the open air« once he had begun to cast them in bronze.

These first outdoor installations, exposed to nature and the weather, laid the foundation for the current collection of 113 works. This collection rapidly came to include the works of friends, colleagues, artists, former students, who contributed gifts and above all inspiration to the garden and so Daniel Spoerri began to give his friends’ ideas space there as well.

Construction Sculpture Garden Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri

The first 13 installations were exclusively the work of Daniel Spoerri, but then bronze sculptures by Eva Aeppli were added to the garden’s population, and works by Katharina Duwen and Pavel Schmidt soon followed – the overall concept of the work of the garden expanded and grew. Katharina Duwen once called the Giardino Daniel Spoerri’s »Poetry Album«, a suitable description for a sentimental and subjective dream place.

All the artists represented in the Giardino have a significant connection to Spoerri’s life and work, and the »maestro« continues to select the artist and the work to be included in the collection in intuitive moments. So any speculative applications fall on deaf ears!

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