Artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Giardino di Daniel Spoerri

Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Born in Frankfurt on 28th, August, 1749, died on 23rd, March, 1832.

Given the title of nobility in 1782. A German encyclopaedia (»Der Neue Brockhaus«) says that Goethe was a light-humoured person full of imagination. His novel »Die Leiden des jungen Werther« (1774) made him famous also in other countries than Germany. It was only in the last months of his life that he accomplished his tragedy »Faust«. But Goethe was not only adored and appreciated for being a writer and poet but also as a universal scholar. It is said in the encyclopaedia that Goethe´s understanding of nature was based on grasping and studying very pure and simple forms. The »stone of good fortune«, erected in 1777, seems to be an affirmation of this statement.
When Daniel Spoerri saw it in Goethe´s garden in Weimar, he admired it for being so incredibly modern and immediately decided to have a copy made for the »Giardino«.

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